The Uniform – What does it mean for you?

Whether you have knowledge of it or not, donning on ‘the uniform’ each shift can have similar meanings for many.
Just as an actor steps into character, the uniform can deliver many ‘emotions’ when it’s time to put it on and head out the door to another shift. Conscious of them or not, they can determine the officers ‘state’ and have a flow on effect to how they may handle their shift, and how they interact with other staff members & the community.

Emergency Services 1

I have found, that as years go by – there can be many different characters that the ‘uniform’ causes us to play each time it is put on.

Here are just some of the common characters that I believe exist:


emergency services 2– This is when the uniform is almost like a superhero cape with special powers. The
community sees you on a pedestal, and that drives you.
– Often early on in the career, and at times – lasting years.
– Ego driven: a sense of significance when worn
– A sense of confidence when worn
– Often not afraid to trod on toes to get where they want in hierarchy
– Often not well liked by other officers
– ‘Significance’ is often high on their list of values

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